Salomon Agile 12 Hydration Backpack Review

Salomon-Agile-12-Set-BackpackSalomon produced the Salomon Agile 12 Hydration Backpack for those who brave the outdoors at a quick pace. It is designed for athletes who aim to glide through medium to long trail runs, uphill cycling excursions, or other highly dynamic sports. The Agile 12 is characterized by a streamlined design and build that bolsters stability, movement, and ease amid rough, adventurous trails.

Salomon Agile 12 Hydration Backpack Product Description

Every active lifestyle calls for the right portable, on-the-go gear. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, the pack you carry is vital to successful navigation, safety, and keeping yourself well hydrated. At the bare minimum, you need to equip yourself with water, nutrition, first aid necessities, extra clothing, phone, keys, and your wallet. But packing can be tricky — loading the gear with all the essential tools is as important as prioritizing your mobility and comfort.


This running backpack comes in four colors: black, granny green, matador red, and spectrum blue. It is built with a stretchy material that enables the waist belt to flex accordingly. The fabric is reflective to provide increased visibility and security in low-light conditions. Salomon utilized PVC-free materials to eliminate harmful chemicals that may rub on the skin. Compared to the Skin Pro series, the Salomon Agile 12 Hydration Backpack features a more conventional v-shaped main compartment and shoulder straps as well as expanded storage space.

Various technologies were integrated into the Agile 12 to construct a state-of-the-art hydration pack for endurance athletes. Here’s a list of some of those:

1. P.A.C.E. Fit System

The Agile 12 is built with the innovative P.A.C.E. fit system, which lightens the pressure on the stomach area and focuses the support at the upper part of the back and chest. This places the weight in greater proximity to your center of gravity, and subsequently provides better stability.

2. Harness Construction Salomon-Agile-12-Set-Backpack-2

The style of construction employs lightweight shoulder straps and a v-shaped pack design to create larger storage capacity without compromising your agility. The harness construction equally allows the gear to dispatch unwanted bulk for added comfort.

3. Large Twin Link

The twin link straps provide a light and simple adjustment system that relieves pressure from the sternum area. The straps softly stretch across the chest area and between the shoulder straps to compress the pack around the body and keep it in place while providing adequate room to breathe.

4. Air Vent Agility

The back panel is engineered to provide you with notable lightness and cozy fit. It is kept soft by a lightweight board that adapts to the contours of your back and creates a custom, snug fit. Subtle EVA pads are also seamed into the panel to protect the most sensitive areas of the back. Perforation, along with the use of wicking materials, improves ventilation and breathability to keep your back (and body) cool.

5. 1.5L Water Reservoir

Designed for trail running, mountain biking, and day hiking, this runner’s backpack carries a 1.5L water bladder to provide a convenient solution to your hydration needs. The blue reservoir features a drinking tube routing that runs under the arm instead of over the shoulder to ease the drinking process. The top slider makes it easier to clean and refill. The bite valve has a quick on-and-off mechanism to help avoid accidental leaks.

6. Various Storage Options

The Salomon Agile 12 Hydration Backpack includes a sizeable main compartment for additional layers of garment and other outdoor gear, flexible mesh side pockets on both sides for handy water access, and a belt pocket for nutrition.



(a) Waterproof construction to resist wear and tear

(b) Stretchy material creates a snug fit without sacrificing freedom to move

(c) Straps are easy to cinch down to keep the load from bouncing or moving around

(d) Contains multiple compartments for various purposes


(a) Sorting through items placed in the main pocket can be a bit difficult while running


Salomon produces a formidable player in the realm of efficient daypacks with the Agile 12. It combines the value of a large storage capacity with the need of a glove-like fit. The features of the backpack make it the perfect match for highly dynamic outdoor athletes. This hydration backpack is lightweight, comfortable, stable, and promotes mobility. We definitely recommend giving this running pack some serious consideration.