Salomon Skin Pro 10+3 Set Hydration Pack Review

Salomon-Skin-Pro-10+3-Set-Hydration-PackThe Salomon Skin Pro 10+3 Set Hydration Pack takes on the challenge of providing expansive storage in a sleek pack. It is the ideal companion on intensive training days, long races, rock-strewn trails, and any tests of endurance. The Skin Pro 10+3 is designed to carry an adequate amount of water, nutrition, trekking equipment, and extra layers of clothing without holding back your stability and speed while on stride.

Salomon Skin Pro 10+3 Set Hydration Pack Product Description

Packing for hours and hours of running is a challenging task in itself. Deciding what to bring turns into an elimination process that could lead you to forgo things that might turn out to be essential along the way. For hikes and trail runs that extend beyond 10 miles (or fewer depending on the weather), it is imperative to equip yourself with all the necessary equipment and tools while keeping the bulk low. It is definitely a tough balance to strike, but thankfully there are great gear options that ease the trouble.


This hydration pack boasts a variety of features that make it a first-rate running bag for distance hiking, running, and biking that ranges from 2 to 6 hours. It comes in two color schemes: black and white as well as bright red, white, and gecko green. Its overall versatility is shaped by the combination of several attributes:

1. Motion Fit Technology

The construction of the Salomon Skin Pro 10+3 Set Hydration Pack utilizes self-adjustable fabrics that perfectly Salomon-Skin-Pro-10+3-Set-Hydration-Pack-1surround the body to achieve comfort and stability. Although called a ‘pack’, this gear fits like a snug garment. The material, made from an elastic power mesh, conforms to the body, ensures that the weight of the pack is properly distributed, and keeps the equipment bounce-free. This improves your mobility as you jump and jostle through rough trails and tracks.

2. Soft 1.5L HydraPak Bladder

The Skin Pro 10+3 is equipped with a 1.5L water reservoir to keep you hydrated for the long haul. Manufactured by HydraPak, the bladder is characterized by a solid craftsmanship that guarantees zero leaks. It comes with a removable lightly insulated sleeve for on-the-fly refill operation. The reservoir has a wide top opening that makes it easy to clean and fill. An ergonomic, quick-release feature can be found between the hose and the bladder. From the bottom of the reservoir, the hose runs under the arm and can be temporarily hooked on either side of the pack. The mouthpiece is a self-sealing bite valve that enables a convenient, quick way of hydrating.

3. Adjustable Sensi-shoulder Straps

Along with the chest straps, the pack is built with shoulder straps that enable modifications according to your frame and height. With the adjustable shoulder straps, the fit of the pack can be easily shifted from small to large. The Sensi-fit construction also allows for greater stability, as it keeps the content compact as you move.

4. Two Zippers

For added storage space, there are two zippers that can accommodate a plethora of excursion paraphernalia. There is one outer pocket and another one behind it with a U-shaped zipper. The outer one has a moderate capacity and is ideal for quick item grabs. The second zipper opens up to a much larger storage compartment, which can be further expanded by unfastening two clips that go above the shoulder. The entire pack can hold up to 13L of volume.



(a) Compact, lightweight gear
(b) Devised to maintain high stability and eliminate bouncing
(c) High-quality build with breathable mesh
(d) Has supplementary straps specifically for carrying trekking poles


(a) Significant adjustments might leave the straps flapping around, which could pose minor inconvenience


The Salomon Skin Pro 10+3 Set Hydration Pack is an excellent choice for anyone in pursuit for a hydration pack that exudes utility, comfort, and style. It can carry a full load of equipment without compromising stability. We’re confident that this hydration pack will elevate your performance to greater heights with its substantial capacity and unparalleled construction quality.