Nathan Intensity Race Vest Review

Nathan-Intensity-Race-VestGear up for your next athletic expedition in style with the beautiful Nathan Intensity Race Vest. Designed specifically for women, the Nathan Intensity is available in many eye-catching color variations, and it fits the female form perfectly.

With many extra pockets and a stylish interior, the Nathan Intensity hydration vest can easily sit on your back all day long without feeling heavy or bulky. It is a stylish bag that gives you more endurance, allows for hindrance free performance, great comfort, and an adequate hydration supply. Read on to learn more about its features and functionalities.

Nathan Intensity Race Vest Specifications

Features a unique, feminine design which flexibly fits on the female form

It also has another unique feature: a 3-way propulsion harness, which stabilizes the ‘up-and-down’ and ‘sideways’ movements of the hydration bladder and other contents of the bag. This results in a smooth and comfortable running experience.

  • Shoulder straps fabricated with a breathable mesh fabric.
  • The front pocket in the bag that can perfectly fit a regular-sized water or a larger smartphone
  • A 2 –liters hydration bladder is included in the bag.
  • Their bag offers 6 liters of total storage capacity (including the hydration bladder.)
  • The bladder tube exits from the top of the bag which prevents direct contact with your skin. We loved this feature, as often times the tube coming from a hydration bladder is positioned awkwardly and uncomfortably rubs against the skin. Nathan-Intensity-Race-Vest-1

Nathan Intensity – Exterior

The mesh shoulder straps and back panel are fabricated with a breathable material that let air move across your back, leaving you dry at all times. The hydration bladder is easy to access, in thanks to this bag’s high-quality zipper. The Bite Mt valve is twisted to a 90-degree angle, which allows for an easy shut off with a single twist. The zippered front pocket provides enough space for your phone, ID, cards, and keys in case of you need to grab them quickly.

The position on the front pocket also gives you a sense that your items are well-secured. The two zippered rear compartments allow for neat storage and organization of your contents. Additionally, it was refreshing to finally see a hydration race vest offered in a lovely range of colors that suit a female taste! We particularly liked the “very berry” option.


The attached key ring inside the vest helps secure your keys without having to search all over the bag. (It’s amazing how many running bags leave that feature off!) The pack also retains its shape even after being emptied, and this was another notable feature of this Nathan vest. As a test, we tossed and turned at every angle imaginable, and the hydration did not leak even once.


As we mentioned before, the Nathan Intensity fits very well on the female form, whether petite or curvy. Additionally, the 3-way harness helps to securely fasten your contents, while improving your posture. This vest is also designed in a way that makes closing and opening of the hydration pack quick and easy. This allows for conveniently grabbing a snack or other items without having to stop in the middle your run.

Nathan-Intensity-Race-Vest-2We all agreed that the Intensity Vest felt like a natural extension of our own body, even while enduring a more intense, outdoor running environment. Most running bags and vests fit the male form perfectly but aren’t always the best choice for female runners. The Intensity has been specially designed keeping in mind the female athletes.


  • Very comfortable, stable, and lightweight.
  • Does not bounce while running.
  • Offers ample storage space.
  • Made to fit the female form.


  • Difficult to adjust while actively running. We found that we had to remove the vest entirely to adjust.
  • Some may feel there are too many straps hanging around.

Final Thoughts

The Nathan Intensity Race Vest is a great race vest, and we’re confident that many female athletes will be thrilled to finally try a running vest specifically tailored to fit women. Nathan’s running vests always have a healthy mix of style, comfort, and well-designed hydration features, but the Intensity vest is a cut above the rest. Optimal storage space, a trendy look, excellent functionality – this vest has it all.