Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2 Vest Pack Review

Orange-Mud-HydraQuiver-VP2-Vest-Pack-1The Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2 Vest Pack is made with customized medical mesh that is engineered for peak breathability. The mesh keeps heat and moisture away from the body, so hikers and runners can cool all the way through.

New Features of the Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2 Vest Pack

Orange Mud doles out an efficient, convenient vest pack with their second overhaul of the HydraQuiver. Precisely designed for avid runners and hikers, the VP2 boasts various features that are optimized for utmost comfort even during the most challenging trails.

While the traditional line of HydraQuiver packs didn’t contain a chest pocket or chest strap, this newly improved vest pack manages to carry two expandable chest pockets that fastens through a chest strap without compromising comfort value. The two front chest pockets allow easy access to essential nutrition items, phone and other electronic devices, as well as additional travel accessories such as maps and sunglasses.

These pockets are equipped with enough room for devices with the same built as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. An optional modular bag can also carry the iPhone 6 Plus. Another set of two small Velcro pockets are set on the shoulders for carrying food and accessories close at hand.Orange-Mud-HydraQuiver-VP2-Vest-Pack

The material equally prevents the pack from causing any chafing on the back, shoulders, or below the arms. The vest pack is geared with a 3D spacer mesh featuring a transparent surface that gives the device a plush, suspended ‘honeycomb’ look. We found this fest to be as comfortable and breathable as it appears.

The HydraQuiver also comes with two 25 oz. BPA free bottles that are as easy to fill as they are to clean. The capacity of the bottles is adjustable from 21 to 26 oz. The VP2 can carry two bottles at the back, and can also hold two more through the flexible chest pockets designed to keep hikers hydrated for the long haul.

Dimensions and Weight

The vest pack weighs 9.4 oz. (264 grams) without bottles, and 14.7 oz. (416 grams) when the two bottle are filled at maximum capacity. Being extremely lightweight, we all agreed that this vest doesn’t cause any shift or alterations in the runner’s stride or cadence.

You also don’t have to worry about the bottles moving around! The two water bottles are tightly set in place on the back of the vest with the help of adjustable holders. They are also secure enough to stay in place when leaning forward or holding any other posture that one might think would cause the bottles to fall out (And trust us – we tested this to the limit!).

Orange-Mud-HydraQuiver-VP2-Vest-Pack-2 Orange-Mud-HydraQuiver-VP2-Vest-Pack-3

Final Thoughts

The Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2 is perfect for extended runs and hikes as it keeps individuals hydrated during lengthy excursions. But to really get good use out of it, we put a couple of tips together to ensure it gives you optimal use: To ensure that the vest pack fits suitably, secure the sides in a neat and snug fashion while leaving the chest strap somewhat loose (adjust this to your comfort level).

Appropriately gauging this tension is substantial to achieving the custom fit that the Orange Mud HydaQuiver does so well, as we found that the front chest strap is merely for miniscule adjustments. The design and construction of the VP2 are intended to keep the pack stable regardless of speed and rough course conditions.

From simple 10-mile test runs to rugged 50-mile trails, the Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2 Vest Pack vest pack is good to go. We agree that this is an excellent option for individuals who wish to bring at least 66 oz. of water without having to carry handhelds, a large hydration bladder, or other running accessories.