Ultimate Direction PB 2.0 Adventure Vest Review

Ultimate-Direction-PB-2.0-Adventure-Vest-2The Ultimate Direction PB 2.0 Adventure Vest was designed to help its user take part in any kind of activities. After running our tests and having enough time to try it out, we agree that the PB 2.0 shapes up to the perfect vest for the lover of outdoor adventures. This vest is a massive improvement from the previous version – the PB 1.0. It fits perfectly on a variety of body sizes and doesn’t suffocate or constrict you. In other words, you’re guaranteed a comfortable race. It has enough pockets and storage space for carrying everything you need, which could easily include:

  • Water bottles
  • Nutrition
  • Maps
  • Rain gear
  • Layers
  • Lighting
  • Clothes
  • Mobile phone

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that Ultimate Direction’s PB 2.0 Adventure Vest is different from their PB 3.0 Adventure Vest, which is the newest model. However, the PB 2.0 Vest still had wide popularity, so we thought it was important to give our readers a closer look.

Improvements from the PB 1.0

Ultimate-Direction-PB-2.0-Adventure-Vest-3Improvements from the PB 1.0 vest include the following:

  • an additional third zipper in the back compartment to make the hydration bladder pocket easily accessible
  • side adjustment straps that improve its custom fit
  • upgraded ‘Power Mesh’ that boosts its durability
  • silnylon fabric that impossible to rip

The PB 2.0 has amazing features from front to back. Its two micro adjustment straps on the back give it a better fit. It also has enough space for accommodating the 70-oz. reservoir, which is sold separately, though. The backside of this running vest also has loops for two trekking poles and a single ice axle, and the lat pockets are well-secured. It has a panel for separating the gear you chose to travel with and an internal bungee (which we think is a pretty awesome feature!).

On the front of the Ultimate Direction PB 2.0 Adventure Vest are two sternum straps that are fully adjustable. It has four gel pouches on the front too. The side pockets are capable of carrying 26 oz water bottles, and the front area has a couple of pockets you can use for carrying your valuables. It comes with an emergency whistle as well, and the GPS locator on the front this running vest particularly impressive!

Weight and Sizes

The Ultimate Direction PB 2.0 Adventure Vest comes in three different sizes that include the following:

i) S/M
ii) M/L
iii) XL

The vest only weighs 15.5 oz., while its total volume is 11L. When you buy it, expect to also get two 20 oz. water bottles from Ultimate Direction. The maker – Peter Bakwin – worked hard to ensure that this vest was ideal for hiking, running, climbing, and skiing. Whether you’re interested in all-day expeditions or a quick outing, you will find this vest comfortable to wear. Furthermore, you will have no reason for worrying about staying hydrated while having fun outdoors!

Although this should not come as a surprise, the Ultimate Direction PB 2.0 Adventure Vest costs more than the previous 1.0 version. However, Ultimate Direction more than makes up for the higher price with the improved features of the 2.0.

We all agreed on this: It’s great value for money. The membrane-like thinness and super tight hex-mesh make it nearly impossible for you to feel anything but comfort while wearing it.

Ultimate-Direction-PB-2.0-Adventure-Vest         Ultimate-Direction-PB-2.0-Adventure-Vest-1

Pros and Cons


  • Secure fit and comfort for a variety of body types
  • Lots of room/pockets
  • Perfect for outdoor adventures
  • High quality, durable silnylon fabric that doesn’t rip easily
  • Emergency whistle and GPS locator included


  • Silnylon isn’t waterproof
  • Can become a little bit sticky in extremely high temperatures and humid weather

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend the Ultimate Direction PB 2.0 Adventure Vest. Despite a couple of tiny things it could improve upon, there is no doubting that it is a near-perfect vest for any intense outdoor activities you wish to participate in. Its moderately sized volume and front bottle holders make this a must-have item for all hikers, climbers, runners and skiers. Although a bit heavier that other ultra-light running vests, the PB 2.0 would be a great resource for any lover of the outdoors.