Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack Review

Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack In this review, we will be taking a closer look at the Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack. Whether working out or taking a trip, choosing the right travel backpack is an important part of planning your journey. Everybody has his or her own individual style and preference. But you should always make sure your running bag has the capacity, security and comfort you need.

Product Description

Made and designed in Germany, the Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack is a well-made pack that will suit any runner, biker, or traveler, including those training for demanding endurance events. Light, strong, and durable, the EXP Air backpack will be able to serve you well for many years to come.


One of the most important things one should look for when buying a running backpack is the ventilation. This backpack features an internal frame called the “Air Comfort Flexitile system” that prevents the contents of your bag from meeting or touching your back. In other words, this means no more sticky tops or uncomfortable back perspiration, which is something I’m sure all runners can agree is a good thing to avoid!

Constructed using Deuter’s own 210 Ripstop materials, this running bag has woven fibers in the nylon material that increase its tear strength, resistance, and add more stability to the backpack. The kinds of materials used also allow for this running pack to repel light rain. But in case of an unexpected downpour, there’s an included rain cover stored at the base of this backpack in a separate pocket.Deuter Race EXP Air

This backpack has 12L of capacity, which can still be expanded up to 3L through the use of the zippers on its side. The overall size of the Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack is small, with dimensions of 20” x 10” x 5”.

The weight of this backpack is 2.6 lbs. We find that anything under 3 lbs is an ideal weight for running backpacks, so this one certainly passes the test. In addition, this bag is a little bit larger than others, so there is more storage available than many other backpacks for runners. You can easily fit your laptop, tablet, and even your shoes if you are planning to use this backpack while commuting to work.

One thing we like to do is think a bit more creatively with backpack storage space, so we found that you can even comfortably fit your work clothes inside of it, in addition to other necessary items you might need for your work. And you can rest assured that your work clothes won’t be smashed or wrinkled.

This backpack also has a few smaller compartments that can accommodate your smaller items, such as your phone, wallet, keys, ID, etc.

Hydration Options 

Thanks to the multiple side bottle pockets, there are several options for carrying your water with this backpack. Also included is an internal sleeve for a hydration bladder (although the bladder is sold separately). Just like with most backpacks in a similar quality category, the Deuter Race EXP Air has shoulder strap attachments for the bladder hose. Deuter Backpack


  •       Ideal backpack for biking, running, hiking in warmer weather
  •       More storage space available, without added bag weight
  •       Excellent comfort with its air ventilation system
  •       Rain cover at the bottom pocket included.


  •       Hydration bladder not included
  •       Probably not the ideal bag for runners who travel with very few items

Final Thoughts

What makes the Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack particularly special is the air circulation system designed to prevent the bag from directly coming into contact with your back. This is achieved through Deuter’s use of a slightly curved internal frame inside the bag. Together with its ventilated waists and shoulder straps, we loved that this backpack does a superb job at keeping you cool and not retaining any body heat. Certainly, this is highly desirable if you are running in warm weather. Its airflow feature will reduce heat and sweat, and that alone makes this backpack stand out from the crowd.

Of course, you need to buy a backpack to accommodate your personal needs. And with Deuter Race EXP Air Backpack, you will be able to get a dependable and strong bag that will surely last for many years. This backpack can suit casual runners going to and from work or an ultra-marathon runner who needs an endurance running backpack for full hydration purposes.