Deuter Speed Lite 10 Running Backpack Review

Deuter Speed Lite 10A Deuter Speed Lite 10 Running Backpack is not only a must-have for runners, bikers, and other athletes, but also for travellers, students, and others. Carrying a comfortable lightweight backpack is particularly useful for theses types of people because they are designed to limit the strain on your shoulders and back. Thankfully, Deuter has stunned us once again with the fantastic Deuter Speed Lite 10 running backpack. This smart, tailored pack takes the mind, comfort, and practicality of its users into considering. We found this to be exceedingly true for runners! Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of this Deuter running backpack.

Deuter Speed Lite 10 running backpack Product Specifications       

  • Nylon: Tailored using nylon material, this bag is easily washable and is quite resistant to dust.
  • Valuable pocket space: It has several pockets that can be used for storing small devices like chargers, phones, snacks, and other small articles of necessity.
  • Breathable foam back: The soft foam molds according to the frame of one’s back and offers a very smooth and comfortable feel. Being breathable, it would be particularly beneficial for runners who tend to perspire a lot or overheat quickly.
  • Side pockets: The side pockets can be used for keeping water bottles or any other hydrating liquid. Comfortably situated on the side, your bottles can be easily reached when required.
  • Removable waist belt: The waist belt can be attached and removed as required. Skiers and climbers find this to be a very important feature, as they often want to have the flexibility to strap the belt to their waist while climbing or skiing, but be able to remove it when it becomes unnecessary or intrusive.
  • Product dimensions: 5 x 16 x 9 inches a  weight of  12 ounces, which allows for a comfortable weight-to-function ratio.


The bag is perfect for running commuters and athletes, but the design may look just a little bit silly on someone with a rather large, wide frame.  It has a sturdy foundation with a simple yet intelligent design. Although it would fit on nearly any body shape, we think it would be ideal for those who have a long torso. The bag can be comfortably carried on your shoulders and easily forgotten about due to its small weight and size.

The Deuter Speed Lite 10 is available in a wide range of colors and looks very stylish. It also does not look “floppy”, like many running bags tend to look today. It holds its shape, and the comes in a variety of color variants (like black) that could easily allow it to pass as an office bag even in the most formal of environments. Deuter Speed Lite 10 Running Backpack

It does not have a quintessential sporty look, which makes it highly versatile. The bag is tailored using soft foam and lattice on the back. The inside has a plastic wire sewn in that wraps around the back. The derlin frame is not stiff and can be easily bent into a half, but it retains its shape time and time again and does not collapse. This particular quality of the bag made it a favorite of ours and also showed the thoughtful design that went into it. Most of the bags for runners fall into a sweaty heap when not in use. But this neat little bag, with its quaint shape, is the best backpack Deuter could have come up with.

There are four light attachment points on each corner of the bag in the front. The lower quarter is designed with a small strip of reflective silver material. The absence of the compression straps on either the front or the sides of the pack do not cause any problem, as the bag can bounce back to its original shape.  The thick back panel and the waterproof inner coating of the main section help to keep sweaty or wet clothes dry and fresh. This mesh also helps to keep sweat from soaking through.

Hydration System:

One can put a full water bladder of 1.5 liters inside the bag and drink from the hydration tube. It has a special hydration pouch inside for this purpose. Runners need not stop to drink water and can easily hydrate themselves while still on the run.

Fit in Every Situation:

We found that this bag does not bounce while running or sway side-to-side.  One can easily strap it to the waist, which greatly helps center its weight. As we briefly mentioned before, we think should be strongly considered by runners with longer torsos,  as the positioning of the sternum strap would fit such people the best. Upon seeing the small frame of the bag, most people might think that it would fit small people the best, but it’s another way round.

The bag has a small external rain cover to guard against unexpected rainstorms. But sometimes, we encountered slight difficulty when trying to get the rain cover to cling on because there aren’t any prominent edges due to its compact design. 

Deuter Speed Lite pack


  • Durable and tailored using high-quality materials
  • Grab handle to hang the bag on hooks
  • Lightweight and bendable frame which bounces back to its original frame
  • Inside key hook
  • Spacious top pocket
  • Well-designed hydration system


  • Shoulder straps and waist pockets do not have side pockets
  • Shoulder straps are made out of a slightly stronger material, which may cause irritation to on the neck for those with sensitive skin
  • If you stuff the main compartment to absolute capacity, the bottle pocket on the side practically becomes unusable.   

Final Thoughts

A great bag featuring a sturdy and intelligent design, the Deuter Speed Lite 10 Running Backpack is a must buy taller runners and those one want a petite, non-intrusive running bag. Check it out on Amazon.