10 Reasons You Should Be Using Running Belts

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Runners looking to enhance their performance should take a close look at high quality running belts. As this article will discuss, there are numerous benefits to running waist packs, and once you start using one, you’ll find then it’s hard to run without it!

Running is a sport that has been around since the dawn of mankind. And although it may seem like a simple, straightforward activity, diehard runners love the technical aspect of the sport.

Runners always want to stay informed about the latest high-tech gear and accessories that can enhance performance and comfort. As a result, there is an ever-growing demand for a wide variety of running gear. For example, it seems like you can’t open a magazine anymore without seeing ads for “smart” watches, sunglasses with ‘augmented reality,’ running shirts made of highly breathable fabrics, etc. But the longing for technological advancements in running gear isn’t just limited to accessories.

It should come off as no surprise that the market for running-friendly gear like backpacks and belts has also grown enormously. If you’re an amateur runner and are unsure whether or not to purchase a running-friendly backpack or belt, you should definitely consider all the benefits you could gain from having one, even if your goals just involve commuting to work instead of running an ultramarathon.

10 Benefits of Running Belts

1. Pocket Space

Running shorts are generally lacking in available pocket space. Normally when I see a pair of running shorts, they almost always have either really small pockets, or they don’t have enough of them. Aesthetic aspects may be important, but when it comes to endurance events like a half or ultramarathon, I’m confident that you will need to carry more than you can fit in your pockets. A running belt will be the perfect solution for this.

2. Comfort

From an ergonomic viewpoint, holding things for extended periods of time (minutes or hours) is both annoying and uncomfortable. While you may start carrying something in your hands thinking that it will only be for a short run, let me assure you this: you WILL get tired and uncomfortable. When you’re running, your hands will sweat, making whatever it is that you’re holding extremely slippery. You also risk getting hand cramps or fatigue from holding a constant clenching position. And if you’re wearing running gloves, it may be difficult to hold things in the first place! Running while lugging things around is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but a running belt solves that problem for you.

3. Perfect Fit To Suit Your Needs

A wide market means a wide array of choices. There’s a ton of running backpacks and belts with unique, different features. Do some research, go to a sporting store, talk to friends, look up reviews online (especially here)!, and you’ll bound to come across a great running pouch. The right option for you is out there waiting to be found, you just have to look for it. It all comes down to knowing what your needs are, and what kind of running waistband will suit those needs.

4. They are Lifesavers

When training for an endurance event, you can expect to run for many hours each week. If you’re a solo runner or enjoy running in the woods, having a running belt stashed with first aid equipment can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Whether it’s band-aids, sterilizing solution, or a safety whistle, you can literally taking your first aid station with you wherever you go. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it for something like that, but the peace of mind that comes with having all of the supplies you might need is priceless.

5. Helps build mental strength

Eliminating distractions from your routine is the best way start discipling your mind. (See #2 and #4 and examples). Proper endurance training requires mental conditioning, and any extra help that you have is critical to helping you focus your mind.

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6. Helps Eliminate Unnecessary Interruptions

Tying in a few of the previous points, running belts can be an immense help during lengthy runs. By comfortably storing all of your essentials in a convenient location, running waist packs help eliminate the need to step off the trail for a refueling break.

7. It Aids In Your Routine

Although running backpacks might be more appropriate for this point, you can start commuting to or from work with the help of a sizable running pouch or small runners backpack. Both of these items let you carry all your work-related things comfortably while running. By the time you get to work, all your belongings will be safe and sweat-free, allowing you to seamlessly change into your daily outfit.

8. Useful in Everyday Life

You will be surprised to find that you can use your running belt or backpack in circumstances other than running. You can use it in your everyday life to help keep you organized, while traveling on vacations, or even while running errands. (Talk about getting more bang for your buck!)

9. They’re Inexpensive

Nearly every running belt on the market is extremely affordable. The highest price ones we have seen are around $70. But there is a huge selection of high-quality belts available in the $30 to $55 range. When it comes to your running gear, we recommend putting extra care into making sure that you’re purchasing one made of high-quality material. You want to get plenty of use out of it, so make sure your running waistband can endure your workout regimen!

10. The Results are Gratifying

Runner’s belts make the experience of running a whole lot more enjoyable. This is not only due to the increased comfort, but also because you will see an increase in your performance once you take away the distractions you didn’t realize were previously impacting your run.

Final Thoughts

With the increasing traction that running is gaining, there are more and more people training for endurance-related events; Half Marathons and Marathons are a popular example of this.

Runners are starting to realize that basic running shorts and clothes are only the beginning.
10 years of running experience tells me to encourage you to add a running belt (or running backpack!) to your running arsenal. You will notice that a runner’s belt is a lasting investment that will bring you comfort, convenience, and improve your performance.