Choose a Running Belt – A Buying Guide

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Choosing an efficient and high-quality running belt is a crucial decision every runner must make. A good belt for running or jogging doesn’t just allow you to strap on your essentials during your workout. It also must allow for an even distribution of weight, so there is a very little disturbance during your run. This type of running waistpack is popular among runners, joggers, hikers, and other outdoor sportsman because they give you the opportunity to boost your performance while remaining adequately hydrated.

Understanding running waist packs and belts

The amount of running gear sold today (especially athletic belts, running waist packs and running fanny packs), can be overwhelming even for diehard runners. Here are some tips on what you should look for when choosing a running belt:


Most certainly, the first consideration you need to make when looking at a running belt is the comfort level. You have to be able to run normally when wearing it as if you were not wearing it at all! Your belt should include pockets for your valuables, such as your cell phone, Keys, ID, headphones, money, or wallet, and not cause any discomfort during your run. Furthermore, your running belt should remain secure so you will not feel any of your items bouncing around.


Check to see if you running waist pack or belt has these storage features:

Bottle Security. You should test the strength of the bottle holders and make sure that they are sturdy enough to keep bottles in place.

Pocket space. Make a list of things you want to bring while running, and this will help you figure out if you’re choosing one with enough compartment and storage space.

Hydration belt feature

The main objective of a hydration belt is to give you easy access to liquids while running or doing other types of intensive activities. Hence, you should be able to access it with only one hand. There are some belts that have brackets so the bottles are firmly held in place, and there are other belts that come with clips for the bottles. Some designs have pockets similar to holsters for bottle storage. These holsters allow the athlete to easily grab the bottle and put it back while running at the same pace. A great feature of many hydration running belts is the ability to hold bottles on both sides, front, and back.

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Material of the running belt

The material of running and jogging belts come in a variety, and they often depend on the brand. That being said, a majority of these belts are made using synthetic materials. Even if this is the case, it is still important to check other types of belts and waist packs. This is because some running belts respond better to heat regulation and sweat absorption so your body stays dry. It’s also quite easy to find one made of knitted elastic or mesh for good ventilation without the bulkiness. Also, don’t forget to look at the belt’s padding. When you have more than two bottles, you do not want them rubbing against each other while you run. There are running pouches, fanny packs, and belts designed specifically for men and women, so we recommending testing out (or purchasing) different models so you don’t end up with a material you’re unhappy with.


If you want the best waist pack for running that will also last, avoid the cheap ones and only opt for the high-quality belts available. Choose running pouch that is quick-drying, washable, durable, and moisture-wicking. You can do research on the brand and quality of material they use to avoid any drawbacks. And to be safe, it’s always a good idea to read some customer reviews!

The color

The color of your running equipment is an important factor that is often overlooked. If you are someone who enjoys running at night, we strongly recommend buying a belt that is reflective. Reflective runners belts add an extra layer of safety that should put your mind at ease during those late night jogs and runs. Often times, you can purchase a belt that is built with a reflective logo or can clip onto a torch.


Price, of course, is a matter of personal preference. There are always going to be products out there for cheaper prices but think twice about it. Lower end products are often cheaper for a reason. You don’t want to run the risk of buying a running belt made with cheap quality material that will likely require you to replace it within a matter of months (or weeks).

We hope these tips give you all the information you need as you look to purchase a running belt!